Rivera´s Kitchen, Mexican Home Cooking School in Tulum
A colorful Mexican Market

Even though I have the pleasure of living in the Mexican Caribbean, and I  enjoy sunny days, turqouise ocean water  and sugar-like sand,  sometimes I  miss my hometown, Mexico City.

And do you know what I miss the most? yes, you are right: the food!!

In all  Mexico  you can find traditional food in every corner:  tostadas, empanadas, huaraches, gorditas, pozole, pancita, birria, tortas, you name it, the variety is endless!!

As in all cultures, those born and raised in the society are the best source of knowledge about traditions. As a Mexican native, I inherited my Mexican cuisine from my previous generations…and my  passion too!… cooking to me is creating happiness in edible form.

From my earliest years, I remember my family gathering at the kitchen. In Mexico, the kitchen is the heart of the house. That´s why I want to share with you  a bit of my Mexico and its traditional cooking and recipes. My mother´s side of the family  was borned and raised in Oaxaca, in a tiny little town named Totontepec, so I invite you to join me and recreate  those delicious dishes that I learned from them, with love and respect to my traditions and culture!

Rivera´s Kitchen, Mexican Home Cooking School in Tulum
A traditional Mexican Kitchen during the Colonial period

As you can see, my cooking heritage is a mixture of  Central Mexico, Oaxaca and now Yucatán, where I´ve been living for the past 20 years. I invite you to add to your culinary knowledge everything about “the best kept secrets” that you always wondered about Mexican cuisine: soups, salsas, adobos, pipianes, mole, Mexican rice, tamales,  pozole, cochinita pibil, stuffed fresh and dry chiles, ensalada de nopal, tinga and many more… all of them authentic Mexican recipes passed down in my family for generations.

So, say no more, go to “RECENT POSTS” and try the recipes I will gladly share with you, and remember: the best ingredient you can add to any food is love and passion, and the best meal is the one you share .  Write me any comment and suggestion , I´ll be glad to hear from you!!


Rivera´s Kitchen, Mexican Home Cooking School in Tulum
Chicken in Almond Sauce
Rivera´s Kitchen, Mexican  Home Cooking School in Tulum
Mexican´s fresh chiles

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