Hi! Today I want to share with you a wonderful and simple idea to make chocolate cups. But, do you know the origins of chocolate?  here´s an extract of a very interesting article about the history of chocolate.
“Both the Mayans and Aztecs believed the cacao bean had magical, or even divine, properties, suitable for use in the most sacred rituals of birth, marriage and death. According to Chloe Doutre-Roussel’s book The Chocolate Connoisseur, Aztec sacrifice victims who felt too melancholy to join in ritual dancing before their death were often given a gourd of chocolate (tinged with the blood of previous victims) to cheer them up.Sweetened chocolate didn’t appear until Europeans discovered the Americas and sampled the native cuisine. Legend has it that the Aztec king Montezuma welcomed the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes with a banquet that included drinking chocolate, having tragically mistaken him for a reincarnated deity instead of a conquering invader. Chocolate didn’t suit the foreigners’ tastebuds at first –one described it in his writings as “a bitter drink for pigs” – but once mixed with honey or cane sugar, it quickly became popular throughout Spain.

By the 17th century, chocolate was a fashionable drink throughout Europe, believed to have nutritious, medicinal and even aphrodisiac properties (it’s rumored that Casanova was especially fond of the stuff).  But it remained largely a privilege of the rich until the invention of the steam engine made mass production possible in the late 1700s.”

And to make the chocolate cups all we need is melted chocolate and balloons. Here the instructions:

  • Blow up a balloon the size you want your cup to be, and submerge it in the melted chocolate, a bit more than the half. (the chocolate has to be warm but not hot)
  • put the balloons on waxed paper and refrigerate
  • Over waxed paper, with a spoon, draw the cup´s handle and refrigerate too
  • Once the cup is firm, pinch the balloon and use chocolate to stick the handle to the cup.
  • Serve the icecream and impress your guests!

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