Don´t know what to do for breakfast? how about a delicious molletes? easy, healthy and fast! Here´s the recipe:
Cut in halves a bolillo (white bread, I don´t know what is the name of this bread in English, if you know please help me) and spread fried beans, top it with your favourite cheese (I usually use oaxaca style, because it melts fast and is low-fat) and put it in the oven just enough time for the cheese to melt. Beside, prepare a pico de gallo sauce by cutting very fine onion, tomato, cilantro and garlic, add salt, pepper and lemon, mix it, and spread it on top of your molletes and enjoy!! a quick tip: if to the pico de gallo you add avocado you have a delicious guacamole for your molletes. I like to have a fresh squeeze orange juice ( remember to drink it no more than 10 minutes after you squeeze it) a good coffee and ready to face the day with lots of energy! Please, share with us your experience with this traditional mexican breakfast!


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