Hola amig@s! here in Tulum these last days have been amazing to go to the beach and enjoy the turquoise ocean and super soft sand. Also the heat has been increasing, and you feel like drinking tons of water to keep you  cool. My grandmother used to prepare for us a delicious and refreshing water with lemon, cucumber and ginger.  Put 1/2 liter of water  in the blender, add one half of a medium-sized  cucumber, 1 small lime (both cut in big pieces), 1 little spoon of grated ginger and brown sugar or even better!  honey. Blend it and strain it in a tall jar and add 1 1/2 liters more of water, add ice and some mint leaves and enjoy!!

Another way to make this watter, is to slice the cucumber, the lime, ground the ginger, mint leaves,  and   add it to a jar with 2 lts of water. Put it in the fridge for the night and the next day add the brown sugar or honey and is ready!

Beside of being incredibly refreshing, the healthy properties of the lemon, cucumber and ginger will strenght you immune system, will do miracles for your stomach and digestion and will help to dissolve fat, so the benefits are amazing!!

The perfect match for this water could be a light sandwich:  add cheese, avocado, very thin sliced cucumber and alfalfa sprouts. Grill it till the cheese melts…mmmhhh!! if you add a boil potatoe at the side, you have a super refreshing lunch!!

I hope you like this ideas and try them. Please share with us your comments!!


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