queso en salsa

Hola amig@s! Today Tulum, where I live is rainy and cloudy. This weather brought me memories of Meyin, my grandma and one of the dishes she used to make for us when the day was like this. It is called Queso en salsa. First, cut in long strips or  bite-size cubes 1 kg. of queso panela and reserve. Then make a tomato sauce: boil 1/2 kilo of red tomato, chile serrano (the amount is up to you) 1/2 medium size onion and 3 garlic cloves. Once they are soft, blend them adding salt and pepper. Once ready, put 2/3 spoons of oil in a pot, once it is hot add the salsa and move until it makes ojitos (check the entomatadas recipe to know what ojitos means). Then add enough water until you get a consistence a bit lighter than a creme. Once it is ready add the panela cheese and 2/3 epazote branchs (if you don´t have fresh epazote, add 1/2 small spoon of dried leaves). Let it cook for 15 minutes and taste the salt. Remember the cheese is salty so don´t add to much salt to the salsa. If you need to add salt, instead of it add chicken bouillon. Accompany this dish with black beans and tortillas. Please, be nice and when you do this take a picture ,post it and comment your experience. It would be greatly appreciated!!



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