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Enfrijoladas are one of the favorite dishes at home, Alex and Lupita, my son and daughter just love them! and I do more because they are very easy to cook, unexpensive, nutritious and delicious. They have it all!

To start, you must have beans already cooked. Add 2 cups of just the beans to the blender, a bit of the beans s broth, and blend. In a deep pot, add 5 spoons of oil, and when is hot add 1/2 medium sized onion finely chopped, once is transparent, add 2 garlic cloves also finely chopped, once the garlic is deep white add the beans and stir. Add milk (or water, up to you) enough to make it the consistence of a cream. Season it with a bit of oregano and low the flame. With the low flame start to add the tortillas folded in two. If you fry the tortillas before, just a bit, the consistence will be better and they won´t dissolve inside. Just 1/2 a  minute or less is enough for the tortilla to cook in the broth, take them out and put them on a dish. Garnish them with raw onion rings, cheese, cream, avocado. Also you can add chorizo or  chicken and lettuce on top.  If you prepare a red or green sauce, it will be heaven!!

Have a greeeeeat weekend and see you next Monday. Any questions about this preparation don´t be shy and write me. If you pass by and let your comments it would be awesome!! Buen dia y…




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