Churros con Chocolate. Mexican Home Cooking School.
Churros con Chocolate. Mexican Home Cooking School.

To prepare the churros , in a big bowl add one cup of bowling water, then add 1 cup of sieved flour, 1 little spoon of salt and 1 little spoon of baking powder. Stir very well with a wood spoon. Once this mixture  is tepid, put it in a pastry bag with a medium point. If you don´t have a pastry bag, you can use a clean plastic bag, just cut the point not too big.

In a big pan add 1/2 liter of oil, once it´s really hot start putting the mixture veeeeery careful , it has to have a size of 8-10 cms. when they  have a golden color take them out and let them rest on kitchen paper to absorb the excess of oil. While still hot, sprinkle them with a mixture of sugar with cinnamon powder, or you can have melted chocolate and dip them in it.

The chocolate I prepare is Oaxaca style, that means, instead of milk I use water. If you can find Oaxaca’s chocolate it is the best! if not, try in a store with  Mexican food to  find chocolate “Abuelita”, for every half  a liter of water add 1 chocolate bar (this bars are rounded). It is very simple: in a deep pot add 1 liter of water with a cinammon stick, let it boil and add 2 chocolate rounded bars of “Abuelita chocolate. Stir and dissolve the chocolate. Let it boil for about 5 minutes and ready! this is perfect to accompany your churros.

It will be awesome if when you try it, could take a picture and share it with us. Have a wooonderful week and…



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