Chiles Jalapeños Rellenos. Mexican Home-Cooking School.
Chiles Jalapeños Rellenos. Mexican Home-Cooking School.

Hola amig@s!  Last Saturday I went to the supermarket and they had really big chiles jalapeños, perfect to stuff! so I decided to buy them and make a delicious lunch. Here´s the recipe for sixteen jalapeños.

The best is to buy big chiles jalapeños. Put them on the stove and roast them, so they turn black, but be careful, because if you roaste them too much, they will broke when you want to stuff them. Once they are roasted, put them in a plastic bag, close it  and cover it with a kitchen towel, so they can “sweat”. Do this every time  chile is ready.chiles asados

Once you finish to roast them all, wait about 5 minutes, to give them time to sweat enough inside the plastic bag. Now you have to peel them. VEEERY IMPORTANT: USE PLASTIC GLOVES! if not, this will be the first and last time you prepare chiles rellenos, believe me! You can use the tip of a knife to help you peel the chiles, but be careful not to break them. Once you finish, make a small cut all the long of the jalapeño and take out the seeds and veins, with the help of a knife and a small spoon. Stuff them with queso panela or some cheese that doesn´t melt. Then, coat them with fluor. Beside,  beat  4 egg whites until stiff peaks form, submerge the coated chiles until they are totally cover with the eggs and fry them. Some people uses a lot of oil, I use a non-stick pan and add not so much oil. Be careful with the oil, it will sprinkle and is not pleasant a sprinkle of hot oil! Once they are gold color, place them in a plate with absorbent paper to dry the excess of oil. You can bath them with a red tomato sauce and ready!! I also prepared mexican rice and a simple cucumber and lettuce salad, jamaica water and the lunch was a success!! Hope you like the recipe, but more important, you try it at home.

Write you very soon, please share your comments and experiences with us and as always…



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